Corian & Staron Benchtops

Corian® Solid Surface Benchtops

Corian® Solid Surface benchtops deliver a sleek, sophisticated surface for your spaces, in a range of luxurious colours. Made for the modern kitchen, each piece glues together to deliver a seamless look, in virtually unlimited design possibilities. They’re stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them one of the most hygienic surfaces available. Better still, this innovative benchtop solution is repairable, meaning they can be easily repaired to their original condition if they ever get damaged—without having to replace it. 

Corian® Solid Surface is made from 2/3rds natural minerals (bauxite) and 1/3 acrylic binder, and is 100% Quartz and Silica Free, meaning it can be safely cut on site if required, and installed hassle-free.

Staron® Solid Surfaces

Looking to elevate your kitchen? Staron® Solid Surfaces let you create a smooth, seamless benchtop with no visible or open joins. And it’s not just benches. It also extends to limitless edge profiles, drop down edges, splashbacks and tile coves. Made from robust, non-porous material, Staron® Solid Surfaces are resistant to mould growth and bacterial build-up. Available in 90 colours, you can create your dream kitchen that perfectly matches the aesthetics of your home.

Every Staron® benchtop is backed by a 10-year warranty, so you get peace of mind that your kitchen will stay looking as good as new, for longer.

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